Friday, December 7, 2007

Frugal Friday leave the fat out...

Happy Friday!!! In my neck of the woods (Cedar Rapids, Iowa) we are digging out from about a 4 inch snowfall last night. Lots of activity points for shoving!!! It sure is pretty! I am not crazy about winter but I think its pretty, and I will leave it at that. LOL!

This Frugal Friday I wanted to talk about leaving the fat out or reducing it in your cooking. This will save money because oil is pretty expensive. I get mine at Aldi's and its $1.69 for the canola oil, 48 oz bottle I think. I occassionally get a good deal with a coupon for name brand oil. The lite margarines are running around 2.99 for 4 sticks here not on sale. While you do not use a lot of oil or margarine in recipes, try using half the oil and see how the recipe turns out, and then the next time try to half it again. You will save a little money, but the big payday will be in calories.

I have tried the reduced oil in waffles, my recipe calls for 1/3 cup oil, I have gotten it down to 2 tablespoons and the results are perfect. My waffles are pretty big and are 3 points each. I have reduced the recipe fat from 5 tablespoons to 2 tablespoons and saved myself 360 calories and 40.5 fat grams for the entire batch!!! This is good for me and my family!!! I use extra light Hungry Jack pancake mix. Got a great deal on it back in October for .75 cents a box on sale and with a coupon. I bought 10 boxes! It doesnt expire until 2009, but I seriously think we will be through it in about 6 months!

I have also eliminated the margarine in boxed potatoes, macaroni and cheese, and stove top stuffing with great success. Have you reduced or eliminated the fat in any recipes?


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Kim said...

I always use applesauce for half the fat in muffins and the like. I haven't noticed a difference yet.

And yes - I will be commenting on all the old posts as I read through your blog :D