Sunday, December 9, 2007

Chili for a Chilly day and a Cheap meal!

This chili is great on a cold day, it will make a big batch to eat that night and freeze a batch for some evening when a fast meal is needed.

Linda's Homemade Chili

Tomato Soup (2 cans) .44 x 2 = $.88
Chili Beans (4 cans) .39 x 4 = $1.56
93% fat free Hamburger (1lb) $1.99
chunky salsa (24oz) $1.48
Chili spices to taste.

Brown hamburger, add chili beans, tomato soup and salsa. Simmer for a couple hours. This will make 16 cups soup. I usually do add about 1 can water.

I buy most of my canned products such as the soup, beans and salsa at Aldi's. I got a good deal on my 93% hamburger at $1.99 a pound. Most of the time it costs around $2.98 a pound at Walmart. Total cost per cup .37 cents!

193 calories/3.5 fat/4 fiber 3 points per cup if you are following weight watchers program.

I freeze half of this recipe for another meal. My hubby says its better after I freeze it! LOL!

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